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How Changing Geopolitical Realities Impact the South Caucasus


Patr 1                                                                    Part 2

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Non-Governmental Organizations: Successful or Ineffective


Part 1                                                                               Part 2

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Armenia's European Prospect: Illusion or Credo


Part 1                                                                    Part 2

The Civilitas Foundation's monthly public debate focused on Armenia's prospects and obstacles in European integration and cooperation processes. The debate was moderated by Tatul Hakobyan, journalist and Civilitas analyst, with panel participants, Tevan Poghosyan, Executive Director International Center for Human Development, as well as Nune Sargsyan, Executive Director of Internews Armenia.

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Back to the Future: Armenian-Turkish Relations


Part 1                                                                 Part 2


The Civilitas Foundation hosts a public debate between Armenian and Turkish public figures regarding Armenia-Turkey Relations, Protocols, and the historical relationship and trauma between both nations.

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Vulgarity vs. Political Debate: Public Discourse


Part 1                                                                     Part 2


More than a hundred guests were present at the public discussion on “Vulgarity vs. Political Debate," organized by the Civilitas Foundation on July 7, 2009. The speakers were Artsvik Minasyan, member of the ARF faction of the National Assembly, Hranush Kharatyan, a noted ethnographer and public commentator, and Naira Melkumyan, former foreign minister of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and founder of the “Aybengir” publishing house.

Opening the discussion, Civilitas Foundation director Salpi Ghazarian spoke on how the absence of a culture of political debate within Armenia forces us to seek platforms elsewhere. Thus when we do not have the means to defend our rights in Armenian courts, we are compelled to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, or if there is no possibility of debate in Armenia’s parliament, the issue moves to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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The Right To Elect: Public Discourse

Part 1                                                                       Part 2


The Civilitas Foundation hosts a public discussion regarding the right and responsibility of citizens to elect, strengthening democracy in Armenia, the 2008 Armenian Presidential elections, and the lack of 'Free & Fair Democratic Elections' in the 17 year old Independent Republic of Armenia.

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Crisis and Opportunity Discussion: Questions and Answers

Part 1                                                                    Part 2


The Civilitas Foundation hosted a public Question & Answer Session following following the presentation of Armenia in 2008: Crisis and Opportunity at Golden Tulip on 26 December 2008, with the participation of Vartan Oskanian of the Civilitas Foundation, former Prime Minister Armen Darbinyan, member of the National Assembly and Armenian Revolutionary Federation leader Armen Rustamyan, and member of the opposition Hovhannes Igityan. The Civilitas Foundation annual report was launched with a public reception, just as the report is the first of its kind Armenian-prepared country self-reflection, the format of the event was also unprecedented. Four panelists discussed the topics covered by the report, while a Q & A with the Armenian Public took place afterward.

Civilitas Blog

The Civilitas Community shares stories about daily challenges and successes. Today: Lost in Istanbul

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Inside Civilitas

A day by day look at the investigation by the National Security Service into Civilitas's financial and administrative work.

Civilitas Statement
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Transaction Summary

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The overall objective of the project is to improve access to water for the population of remote villages in the region of Meghri. The specific objectives of the project are to restore and reconstruct the underground water supply system of wells and tunnels (chaheriz) in Alvank and Shvanidzor villages and to train and develop the necessary local capacity for continued further maintenance of the system.

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Civilitas Polls
With the support of Norwegian and German governments, a few months ago the Civilitas Foundation began to conduct polls throughout Armenia. The results of the polls will be made available to the media and will serve as the topic of public discussions.

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Civilitas Spotlight


What can be expected of or for Syria in the immediate future? Can there be justice without peace? Can there be peace without an accounting and without justice? What do Syrians want? What does the international community want?

The guests are

Nicholas Koumjian

International Criminal Law Attorney

Vartan Oskanian

Member of Parliament

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs


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