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April 24 at Civilitas

Spotlight / Events
The Civilitas Foundation has two full days of programming for April 24. One is an all-day LIVE program on CivilNet.am. The other is a full day of film screenings at the Moscow Theater, in Yerevan.

Beginning at 1 pm and continuing until 9 pm, new films and old favorites will be screened, free of charge. The films include such new titles as I left my shoes in Istanbul as well as Barking Island. The full schedule of screenings at available here.

On April 24, beginning at noon Yerevan time (GMT +4) and continuing until 9 pm, CivilNet.am will broadcast interviews, reports, videos, from Yerevan and Istanbul.

The programming will include LIVE segments from Istanbul. At the beginning of the day, when there will be a gathering at HaydarPasa, the train station from which Armenian intellectuals were sent into the Turkish interior, on April 24. At the end of the day, just as North and South America are waking up, there will be a short memorial program in Istanbul's Taksim Square, commemorating the beginning of atrocities. The commemorations are organized by Turkish human rights organizations, and CivilNet will include interviews with them, LIVE.

CivilNet will also broadcast, of and on during the day, from Yerevan's Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial Monument, where people will be visiting all day and placing a flower at the eternal flame.

Throughout the day, in-studio guests, and others by SKYPE will speak about the continuing consequences of the Genocide. A few of the guests include Nanor Kebranian, Columbia University Professor and author of the Introduction to the recently published first volume of Hagop Oshagan's Remnants, Zaven Sargsyan, Director of Yerevan's Parajanov Museum, and a photographer who regularly visits and documents Armenian monuments in Eastern Turkey, Nazan Maksudyan of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University speaks about children in the Ottoman Empire; Theodore Bogosian, an American filmmaker whose AN ARMENIAN JOURNEY was the first time the topic was shown on American broadcast television, 25 years ago; George Aghjayan who publishes baptism records from Gesaria (Kayseri) up to April 1915, when all records stop. These are just a few of the guests. There will be many others.

Young people from Armenia, involved in visits to Moush, where they searched for Armenians still living in the old Armenian city, will also share their experiences. Reports from Turkey include a visit to the building that used to be Krikor Zohrab's home, before he was taken away on April 24, an inside look at the HaydarPasa train station, and other stories.

CivilNet's LIVE programming will begin the evening of April 23, when an candlelight march begins in the city and concludes at the Genocide Memorial. [All LIVE programming remains on the CivilNet site and can be viewed on demand, after the event.]

CivilNet.TV is a program of the non-profit Civilitas Foundation, based in Yerevan. CivilNet is alternative media that practices advocacy journalism. In less than 30 months of broadcast, CivilNet has produced 7,000 videos which have received nearly 9 million views. CivilNet broadcasts in Armenian and English.


Film Screenings on April 24th

Spotlight / Events

On April 24th from 13:00-22:00 the Civilitas Foundation will host a film program. Short and long-form documentaries and feature films by Armenian and non-Armenian directors concerning the Armenian Genocide and Armenia-Turkey relations will be screened at the Moscow cinema.



13:00 Barking Island
13:20 Saroyanland
14:30 Don’t get lost children
15:15 Grigor Zohrap
15:25 Shishli Cemetery
16:40 Wealthy Past and Present
16:50 My Polis: Yasar Kurt
17:00 The Son of the Olive Merchant
18:30 Neighbors
19:45 I Left My Shoes in Istanbul
21:00 Screamers


Migration Research in Our Spotlight

Internship Program
In December 2013, the Civilitas Foundation secured funding from the Open Society Foundation’s Think Tank Fund for research fellowship on an issue that is not only a priority area for Civilitas, but Armenia’s policy context in general. Armenia undergoes strong migration flows, mainly outbound migration, which receive most of public attention and concern with much less policy, programs and public involvement in in-migration facilitation, despite Armenia being a receiving country for refugees (mainly of Armenian descent) from Syria and Iraq.

Civilitas’s new research fellow, Irena Grigoryan focuses on in-migration regulations, policies and programs implemented in Armenia and identification of gaps therein; reintegration practices and incentives for return in Armenia; and international best practices for enhancing in-migration and reintegration in Armenia.

Irena, who is a graduate of the European Master Program in Migration and Intercultural Relations taught in 4 European countries (www.emmir.org), was selected to the OSF Think Tank Fund’s Young Professional Development Program through a double-phased competition. “Return is neither a secondary stage in the migration circle, nor a regular act of natural comeback to the origin country. It is a key integral stage in the migration process, but receives little attention in the research and policy levels. Therefore, in order to have a balanced picture, it is important to research, discuss and communicate the data about in-migration flows to the country.” Having this motivation in mind, Irena is conducting research that will result in a policy paper and public discussion on in-migration, and we hope that the recommendations of this paper will clarify and set new items on the Armenian migration policy agenda.

Civilitas is privileged that such fellowships also have input in CivilNet’s programs and products. This CivilMult, for example, has been partly supported by the Young Professional Development Program, featuring remittances sent to Armenia by labor migrants and how these numbers are corelated with global trends.

We believe that this fellowship will provide Irena with valuable guidance and hands-on experience in the field of migration and will make Civilitas’s migration policy deliberations visible and relevant.
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Civilitas Spotlight


What can be expected of or for Syria in the immediate future? Can there be justice without peace? Can there be peace without an accounting and without justice? What do Syrians want? What does the international community want?

The guests are

Nicholas Koumjian

International Criminal Law Attorney

Vartan Oskanian

Member of Parliament

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs


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